A Little Deb Will Do Ya
Season 1, Episode 5
Production Code: 7805
A Little Deb Will Do Ya 1
Written by Nell Scovell
First Aired: February 23, 1994
List of Season 1 Episodes
Dial 'M' for Mother
Eyes on the Prize

A Little Deb Will Do Ya is the fifth episode of Season One of the show The Critic. It is the fifth overall episode of this show.

Official DVD Summary Edit

"Jay's stepsister Margo reluctantly agrees to become a debutante and Jay's ratings are threatened by "Humphrey the Hippo, a children's show."


Eleanor forces Margo to get prepared for and attend a debutante ball. Meanwhile, Jay gets into a ratings war with children's show host Humphrey the Hippo. Eleanor forces Margo to go the ball by threating to shoot her horse but Margo finally decides to attend the ball. Margo thinks that the debutante ball is sexist. Margo then gets on the stage and starts complaining about the ball. Jay flirts with this women and goes back to her room and she turns out to be Humphrey the Hippo.