Dial 'M' for Mother
Season 1, Episode 4
Production Code: 7804
Dial M For Murder 1
Written by Mike Reiss & Al Jean
First Aired: February 9, 1994
List of Season 1 Episodes
Marty's First Date
A Little Deb Will Do Ya

Dial 'M' for Mother is the fourth episode of Season One of the show The Critic. It is the fourth overall episode of this show. Aired February 9th 1994 written by Mike Reiss and Al Jean.

Official DVD Summary Edit

"Jay's attempt to show the world he can be warm by appearing with his mother on a talk show is a categorical failure: he just can't find anything nice to say about her."


When test audiences brand Jay Sherman "worse than Hitler," Duke sets up a TV special where Geraldo Rivera interviews Jay with his adoptive mother Eleanor, which falls apart when Jay yells at Eleanor.The whole city hates Jay after his yelling. Jay then gets in the hospital and Eleanor visits him and there relationship is healed. Jay invites his mother to be on Coming Attractions with him and test audiences give it a positive review.