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Humphrey the Hippo is a children's television character. He is a green hippo and is disliked by film critic Jay Sherman. Humphrey is star of the Humphrey the Hippo Show. The show is filmed right across from Coming Attractions. Many of his fans are young preschoolers.

Episodes Edit

A Little Deb Will Do Ya

Appearance Edit

Humphrey is a green hippo who resembles Barney. Humphrey sings sugary children songs like "Ho, Ho, Ho, Strick Out Your Toe;Hee, Hee, Hee, Stick Out Your Knee. Humphrey is actually played by a woman who Jay becomes attracted to even after finding out that she is Humphrey.

Trivia Edit

The show was bought out by a cigarette company that started advising kids to start smoking reassuring them when they get a lung removed they will get free ice cream.

Madonna was once a guest on the show.

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