Miserable is the fourth episode of Season One of the show The Critic. It is the fourth overall episode of this show. Aired February 16th 1994 written by Steven Levitan.

Official DVD Summary Edit

"At a screening, Jay falls for a lovely young projectionist, not realizing she's actually an obsessed fan determined to make him her prisoner."


Jay falls for a female projectionist (voiced by Pamela Reed) when reviewing a movie. He goes to the back of the theater and the two kiss. He comes back the next day to see her again then he learns who she is. Jay goes to her apartment and realizes she was an obsessed fan. A week later Jay escapes her apartment and she is arrested but he still visits her in prison.






  • Miserable, a parody of the film Misery, was originally slated as the second episode of the series, but ABC censors barred it from being shown due to unsuitable content. On The Critic complete series DVD set, this episode is properly listed as the second

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